Friendly staff while greetings, easy to communicate with every member of the team, the environment is very calming. While time moved on and be being a patient with this clinic all i see is improvement in every way possible. The Doctors available in this collaborated clinic are all highly professional and have great feedbacks after every visit. I will simplify my review with the simplest way, if you are truly, in need and seek real professional help, then i would highly advice to.

Pt. Shamsa A-S
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I visited Dr. Stefane and had one of best experiences so far, the support staff are excellent and efficient. Dr. Stefane really takes the time to explain and discuss your case. His passion for the patients well-being is apparent. he gives you a lot of information and advice to support your treatment. the nurses really help by always clarifying and confirming regarding tests to run

Pt. Prajwal Shetty
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Dr. Tahir is very competent, well trained psychiatrist from USA. He always take care of his patients whole heartedly. I will highly recommend him.

Pt. Hassan Jabbar Shaikh
Dr. Muhammad S. Tahir Psychiatry, Neurology, General Physiology / Practitioner, Counselling

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