Corona, Crises and Me. (corona crises concept conclusion)

No doubt Corona is a monumental crises on planet earth and majority of the world nations fighting against it and so does the different sects dealing with it in their own way.


There are three major categories of the people in terms of how to handle this crisis.

1)  High expressed emotional people: (Control Freak)

They are the one who are smart but believe in full control of every situation and they react by becoming very active on their own way and making noise about the problem and get angry and upset disproportionately. They are very uncomfortable because their dreams have been interrupted not only that now there is a new problem to deal with.
People in this category stress out and worry too much and look for any quick solution to get out of this uncomfortable an uninvited situation. Spend most of the time looking into the reliable and unreliable options and become a source of moving anxiety and spread it too in and around them. However entire crises time is very painful for them and they lose their ability to even perform what they could have done otherwise if they were not exaggerating the response to the calamity.   They lose the ability to explore positive options or ways to manage crises situation and hence develop hopeless and all gone thinking process.
Once the crises is over, of course they feel relieved but often time carry this anxiety and develop the traumatic life experience and this stays within them as a bad memory.  This experience is added as negative in the life chapter and they always regret whenever they recall the Scenario.

2.  Pragmatic approach and realistically thinking people group: ( Practical)

When they encounter crises situation, they feel the pain and sufferings. They quickly learn as if there is no escape, bear it and feel they are like everyone else and keep positive mind set, either the situation will resolve soon or it will have something good in it. They are the people with some level of maturity, patience and understanding of contentment about the situation.
Crises affect them less harshly as compared to the category 1. However they come out of the situation with some painful memories but usually do not develop long term anxiety or PTSD symptoms( Post traumatic stress disorder).
They think positive and stay high among the survivors and move on with life practicing patience and positive thinking.


3.  This category has two types

A) Mature and self-confident people without religious belief:
These are the people who take crises as a difficult time but try to find the ways to deal with it ,look for new opportunities, avoid getting anxious and nervous and keep moving though it is not an easy task.
They are the one who saw the up and down of the life and had prepared them-self for the worse but keep the hopes. Their productivity and strength stays as is. they keep working whatever role is assigned and stay contented. They do not make fuss or too much complain about the situation. This type of people take life as one time and get best out of it. They are very successful in uniform services and well liked by the department because of their delivery of service and outward stance.
When they come out of the trauma they are almost none to minimaly affected and adjust to the new situation very quickly and go on with their life. Some instance they are able to perform well during post crises and grab the opportunity and make good progress.
B) Mature self confident people with religious belief:
These are people who are able to handle crises really well. They are contented and patient. They believe in the destiny and their tolerance is much more than ordinary people. They bear the crises  without making too much complain or noises. Try to stay Calm and support others in the situation. They also look positive side to the crises and look for opportunity as it arise.
Their believe in the religious super power give them peace of mind and they do not feel alone. They always feel positive and try to find something good in it.
If they survive they feel thankful and one step higher in their believe and maturity. More successful and confident. They do not get depressed or anxious. They can perform optimally even in grim situation and become a source of inspiration for others.

  • They come out victorious and ready to look for post crises opportunity and farewell.

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