I don't know

After a lot of learning I learned to accept what I Don’t know

Education in general is helpful and bring in awareness, however it also gives false sense of completion of the subject matter, when in fact it may not be true.
Like somebody is highly educated in one area and being praised by his fellow colleagues or professional of different area, may create a false sense of being knowledgeable of other fields which you did not even know, or you never have studied. Thinking common sense and thinking I have the knowledge and I am very intelligent does not mean you know what you do not know.

In modern world knowledge has expanded so much that it is beyond the commonsense approach and details will be enormous research based and knowledge based, evidence based, so any discipline unless seriously studied cannot be taken for granted in terms of knowing it to the fullest.

In order for anyone to accept this and make an effort to grasp the concept and know about it to accept the fact that I do not know. Otherwise this barrier of false confidence will hinder the learning new ideas and opening up your mind.
In one famous saying “Doctors are worse patients” emanate from the fact that doctor of one discipline (Infectious diseases Doctor) may not know (even though he/she has learned medicine) the modern development in the field of neurology or psychiatry and vice versa. False confidence about one’s judgement regarding the subject can lead to selective hearing and hence could not get the concept correctly.

After a lot of learning I learned to accept what I Do not know

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