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Corona, Crises and Me. (corona crises concept conclusion)

No doubt Corona is a monumental crises on planet earth and majority of the world nations fighting against it and so does the different sects dealing with it in their own way. There are three major categories of the people in terms of how to handle this

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Education in general is helpful and bring in awareness, however it also gives false sense of completion of the subject matter, when in fact it may not be true.

Life skills, Brain and Mind, Mental Health, Stigma, Psychiatry, DSM and daily life Part 1 Dubai.

The brain, as we all know, is a Physical Organ made of neuron cells, Blood vessels and supporting structure etc. The brain as an Organ works by communication among its different parts ( such as frontal lobe, Amygdala, Hippocampus, Striatum, Motor Cortex a

Social perspective By Dr. Tahir strategies for optimum living

Children are the future of any society and at large civilization. On the one hand they are vulnerable but at the same time they can change the fate of the country and the world if they are guided properly. Now present-day society, as it is driven by rewar