Child Health

Expressive Language Disorder

Developmental expressive language disorder is a frequently occurring condition in children, characterized by severe delay in the development of expressive language compared with receptive language and cognitive skills.


A broad understanding of apraxia is that it is a neurological condition. People who have it find it difficult or impossible to make certain motor movements, even though their muscles are normal. Milder forms of apraxia are known as dyspraxia.

Articulation disorders

Articulation disorder is when an individual has trouble pronouncing certain words/sounds making it difficult to be understood. According to articulation disorders focus on errors (e.g., distortions and substitutions) in production of individu

Phonological disorders

Phonological disorders focus on predictable, rule-based errors (e.g., fronting, stopping, and final consonant deletion) that affect more than one sound.

Children Mental Health Future Perspective

Child Mental Health Perspective Children are assets for any society. Society has bilateral/two way role in providing for the children and in turn children give back as productive members of the society. Impact of the society on growing children is enorm

Emirati children say they feel neglected

DUBAI - A survey of local children found more than two fifths believed they had been neglected by their families. The survey in Sharjah asked 193 Emirati pupils aged 11 and 12 what they thought was their exposure to various types of abuse. The most signif

Safe Children Dubai

Parents Safety tips for the Children and Teens Children are asset for any society. They usually are not capable of protecting themselves efficiently due to lack of experience and skills. They look at the world as innocent as they are themselves. Childre

Respecting Privacy of our Children

Respecting Privacy of our Children Respecting Privacy is one of the most important aspects to gain trust of your child, but at the same time you don’t want your child to take major risks due to ignorance. Although Parents have seen the child growing a

Starting School after Break (Summer Vacation or long leave)

Starting School after Break (Summer Vacation or long leave) Why is it tough to be the new student in school? (top five psychological factors)?… Fear of unknown, we all know from own experience when we have minimal information about the situation i