Mental Health

Is PEER PRESSURE worth fighting?

It is a human need to socialize and belong to a community. The community then dictates the culture and norms of its people. As an individual, you have your own sets of values and beliefs, which may or may not be aligned with the values and beliefs of your

Dreams Reality

” DREAMS ARE ROYAL ROAD TO UNCONSCIOUSNESS” Dreams are series of ideas, emotions, images and multiple sensations that occur usually involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Dreams are visual and other sensory experiences during the sl

Stuttering Mystries/helpful hints

Stuttering or Stammering. Causes (exact cause is unknown) How ever Inherited causes. Genes play role in development of stuttering. It is thought that people who carry genes for stuttering can develop this disorder some point in life whenever there is cir

Depression, Lime light (Celebrity)

Depression the price some celebrities pay for fame : The price some celebrities pay for fame The death of Robin Williams is another reminder that smiling faces may hide behind serious illnesses. (File photo: Reut

Ideal age for kids to start formal education

When Children should start formal education It is controversial when Children should start formal education. In 90% of the world countries, it starts between 6-7 years of age, But in Finland formal education starts at age 7 years they have their reason

Rape and Rapist Some facts

“Rape and the Rapist some understandings about the crime.” 1.How can we simplify the psychology of rape? What or how can we define the mind of a rapist? Answer: Although Psychology of Rapist is very complex because different mechanisms involve w

Mind and Body Interplay stress association

Psychosomatic Illness It is a condition of dysfunction or structural damage in bodily organs through inappropriate activation of the involuntary (Autonomic) nervous system and glands of internal secretion. Psychosomatic Illness A disorder that involves bo

Dilemma remains for parents of boy expelled from school in Dubai

Dilemma remains for parents of boy expelled from school in Dubai Expert advises schools to have clear admission policies and proper gu

Emirati children say they feel neglected

DUBAI // A survey of local children found more than two fifths believed they had been neglected by their families. The survey in Sharjah asked 193 Emirati pupils aged 11 and 12 what they thought was their exposure to various types of abuse. The most signi

Fasting (Ramadan) Benefits “Medical Perspective”

Fasting (Ramadan) Benefits “Medical Perspective” During Ramadan a Muslim Holy Month every year brings overhauling of the physical and mantel health systems. 1) This is month of training to have good habit of generously giving; taking care of pe